IMST Distribution Box 32A 240V In, 4 x 16A + 1 x 32A Out

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  • Handy, Robust and Lightweight Distribution Box made of Shock-Resistant Polyamide
  • High-Grade Steel Folding Carry Handle
  • 5 Modules Under Clear MCB Window
  • IP44 Rated
  • Stackable Design
  • 32A 30mA 2P RCBO Protecting all Outputs
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This PCE IMST distribution box is handy, robust, lightweight and made of shock-resistant polyamide. It features a high-grade steel folding carry handle, have stackable design and are IP44 rated. The distribution box has 32A 240V in and 4 x 16A + 1 x 32A out.

Input: 32A 220-250V~50/60Hz 3-Pin 2P+E IP44 Inlet
Outputs: 1 x 32A 220-250V~50/60Hz 2P+E IP44 Socket,4 x 16A 220-250V~50/60Hz 2P+E IP44 Sockets each Protected by 16A 1P MCB Type C
Dimensions: 196 x 245 x 300mm
Weight: 2.7kg