Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply, Multi-Output 8 Way 12 Volt

Code: ACA-013
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  • Effects Pedal Power Supply
  • Eight 9 Volt Outputs
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Supplied with Connecting Cables & Power Supply
£33.95 inc VAT

A professional multi-output power supply suitable for guitar effects pedals.

The ACA-013 offers eight 9v DC outputs, one 12v DC and one 19v DC output. All of the outputs are rated at 100mA, with the exception of output number 8, this is rated at 500mA. Each output has short circuit protection, over current protection and is designed to reduce hum. Blue LEDs show the status of the output, so if there is a short-circuit or the current draw is to high, the corresponding channel will turn off and the LED will not light. The LEDS can also be switched off completely if desired.

This is a centre pin minus power supply, so will be suitable for most effects pedals, but two reverse polarity leads are provided in the set. It is a heavy duty and robust unit designed to withstand life on the road! Supplied with connecting cables and a 18v power supply.

Voltage: 8 x 9v, 1 x 12v, 1 x 18v
Power Supply: 18v DC 1000mA
Dimensions: 150mm x 53 x 34mm
Weight: 0.362kg