19" Power Distribution & Rack Light

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  • Distribution Unit with Single Inlet & 10 IEC Outlets
  • Surge Protection for AC Outlets
  • 19" Racklight with Daylight White LED Strip
  • Racklight has Dimmer & On/Off Switch
  • USB Power Socket with 2A Max Current
  • Detachable Rack Ears
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An indispensable bit of kit for almost any flight case rack with audio and high value equipment in. This power conditioner features 10 IEC socket outputs to feed various pieces of equipment with RFI/EMI filtering reducing noise in signal paths. An AC Voltage indicator on the front of the unit will give the user visual feedback of the input voltage of the current setting proving invaluable to system technicians. A handy USB power outlet on the front of the RPL can be used to charge devices such as tablets, IOS and Android units. One of the best features of the RPL1000 Power conditioner is the built-in rack light which benefits from a strip of daylight white LEDs that can be dimmed from a rotary dial on the front fascia. This LED strip is also permanently fixed to the power conditioner unlike other models that utilise goosenecks or lamps where breakages can regularly occur on the road.

*Please note that the maximum power per single outlet is 5A and the maximum power per group of 5 outlets is 8A. A total maximum output power of 15A is achievable.

Power Supply: 200-240Vac, 50Hz
Max Output: 15A ( 5A Per Outlet/8A Group)
Power Consumption: 18w
Circuit Breaker: 15A
Dimensions: 483 x 150 x 45mm
Weight: 1.9Kg