Hill Audio LMD-1602FX 12 Channel Stage Mixer

Code: LMD1602FX
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  • 4 Mono Mic/Line Inputs, 2 Mono Mic/Stereo Line and 2 Stereo Line Inputs each with Gain Control
  • Additional Insert Jacks and One Knob Compressors for the 4 Mono Mic/Line Inputs
  • Dedicated 2-Track Input Channel with Selectable Input Source
  • Switchable +48V Phantom Power for Microphone Inputs
  • USB Stereo Soundcard for Replay and Recording
  • Detachable Plastic Side Panels and Mountable Metal Rack Ears Included
£269.00 inc VAT

The LMD-1602FX-C-USB is all you could need in a single compact desktop mixer.

4 mic/line channels with low noise microphone stages, switchable phantom power and built-in one-knob compressor provide a proper feed for acoustic input signals. 2 mic/line stereo channels and 2 line stereo channels (all balanced), cater for a multitude of stereo line level sources. The 2 unbalanced stereo inputs, either RCA or 3.5mm TRS, allow mobile players to be added for backing tracks or pause background music. For the latter, this input channel sports an “exclusive” function which leaves only this channel open but mutes all other inputs – perfect to switch between “performance” and “break” times with just a flip of a switch! A musical 3-band equalizer and a 2-Bus AUX system (1 pre, 1 post) complete the channel features. The post AUX bus is connected to the internal digital effects processor with 16 algorithms in 16 variations with a large LED display indicating the choice. Last but not least, a 7-band equalizer is assignable to either the master output or the AUX-pre (monitor) output, for the perfect tonal tuning when required. A USB stereo record/replay interface allows to either record the performance directly to a connected PC or play backing tracks from a PC.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Mono Mic/Line Inputs: 4
Mono Mic/Stereo Line Inputs: 2
Stereo Inputs: 2
Dimensions: 329 × 338 × 102mm
Weight: 3.75Kg