4 Channel Mixer with Bluetooth, USB and Echo

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  • 4 Channel PA Mixer
  • 2 Mono Channels
  • 1 Stereo Channel
  • Echo Effect
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Phantom Power
  • Built in 2 Way soundcard
  • 3.5mm Phone Audio Output
  • 3.5mm Condenser Microphone Input
£42.00 inc VAT

Compact and packed with features, this mixing desk has two mono MIC or line inputs, one stereo line input and a built-in media player. Perfect for vocalists, podcasts, schools, small bands and much more.

The two mono channels are combo jack/XLR sockets and the stereo line inputs are either RCA or jack, so plenty of choice there. Phantom power can be selected for inputs 1 and 2 for condenser studio microphones. Each channel has gain, high/low and volume controls. Channel 1 and 2 can have echo with control over delay and repeat. Channel 3/4 can be switched to the mixers stereo line inputs or the built-in media player.

The media player can play MP3 files from a USB stick or may be connected to any suitable Bluetooth device. The overall volume can be adjusted and the signal is output using jack connections, the user can monitor the sound with headphones via a 3.5mm jack. The mixer can be powered from any suitable mini USB adaptor or can be directly connected to a PC for power with the ability to send sound to the mixer or to the PC for recording. Channel one has a direct 3.5mm input for connection for a 5V condenser microphone with a 3.5mm connector. There is a dedicated 3.5mm phone audio output for real time live broadcasting.

Mic Inputs: 2 (MONO MIC or Line) XLR Jack Combo
Line Inputs: 1 Stereo RCA
USB Inputs: 1
Dimensions: 175 x 185 x 55mm
Weight: 512g