Heavy Duty Hand Sanitiser Holder /Station with 6 x 500ml of Hand Sanitiser Supplied

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  • Heavy Duty Hand Sanitiser Station
  • Includes Six Bottles of Hand Sanitiser
  • Easy to Read Signage
  • Heavy Duty Cast Base Stand
  • Quick Height Adjustment Mechanisim
  • Non Sticky Formula
£88.00 inc VAT

A heavy duty yet portable hand sanitiser station with 6 x 500ml gel, sign and holder. This hand sanitiser stand is totally portable, it allows the user to move the sanitiser station to any suitable position needed. The holder can hold bottles up to 84mm in diameter and simply screws to the stand. The stand has a heavy duty base for stability making it ideal for both indoors and outdoors or any commercial environment. The stand has a quick hand mechanism for height adjustment. We supply one 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser which is alcohol based & does not need water. This system is suitable for schools, shops, warehouse and offices, anywhere where the public or staff need to keep there hands clean when entering or leaving a building.