Self Adhesive Reflective Tape 5m - Choice of Colour

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  • Durable, Long Lasting and Weatherproof Tape
  • High Intensity Reflective Tape
  • Self Adhesive Backed
  • Affix to most Surfaces
  • 1m or 5m Lengths
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Self Adhesive Reflective Tapes are designed for use in low light environments and are ideal to increase the visibility of potential hazards. With various colours and designs, these reflective tapes are suitable for use on walls, door frames, machinery or simply use for warning & information signs. They could even be used as reflective lettering, numbering and for general markings. With a super sticky self-adhesive backing, they are quick to apply and will adhere to many surfaces for example, cars, vans and commercial vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, safety helmets, in fact the list is endless. Once the tape is applied, it makes objects much easier to see in low-light situations, this tape is only reflective and it is not luminous and does not glow in the dark.

Dimensions: 25mm x 50m