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Scenery Fixings

Doughty Top Batten Clip

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Scenery Fixings 

One key aspect of set design is the use of scenery fixings, which help to secure and stabilize the various elements of your set.  Scenery fixings come in various shapes and sizes, and each serves a specific purpose. They are typically made of steel and are used to support and secure set pieces, such as backdrops and drops. These fixings can be bent to fit the shape of your set, and they can also be used to distribute the weight of the set piece evenly across the flying iron, providing additional stability. They can also be used to create a specific angle or shape for a set piece, and to protect the set piece from tearing or fraying around the hole. They also create a secure attachment point for ropes or cables.

Overall, these scenery fixings are essential for creating a stable and visually stunning set. Whether you're working on a small community theatre production or a large Broadway show, these fixings will help ensure that your set is secure and looks great.