PFX950H Stage Mist 950 DMX Haze Machine

Code: PFX950H
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  • 950W Heater
  • Uses Water Based Haze Fluid
  • Self Cleaning Function
  • Wired Timer Remote Control
  • DMX Controllability, 2 Channels of Control
  • Adjustable Fan Speed via Menu and DMX
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A powerful haze machine that outputs a mist of smoke into the air, in perfect amounts to highlight lasers and effect lights. There is adjustable direction plate to adjust the projection of the haze output. The stage mist 950 is designed to be used with water based haze liquid (never oil based). Perfectly balanced 950 watt heater, 1.2 litre tank and reliable pump make this a must for the professional user. The Stage Mist 950 is supplied with a wired timer remote or can be DMX controlled. The user has control over fan speed and haze output from the units in built menu or when the stage mist in DMX controlled, so the exact amount of mist can be created, the remote gives the user control over haze output via a manual switch and timer control, but does not control fan speed. The Stage mist has a special inbuilt cleaning function which automatically cleans the heater after use to prolong its life.

Mains Supply: 240Vac 50Hz
Power: 850 Watts
Heat Up Time: 3 min
Dimensions: 180 x 280 x 250mm
Weight: 7kg