400w Fog/Smoke Machine - Party Blaster

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  • 400w Heater
  • 0.25L Fluid Tank
  • Wired Remote Control
  • Hanging Bracket
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A compact 400 watt smoke machine for parties, mobile entertainers or as a stage effect. The Party Blaster has a 400 watt heater, reliable pump and will project smoke up to 6 metres. The smoke will fill 2000 cubic feet per minute and gradually fill a large area. The heat up time is only 3 minutes.

The Party Blaster is quick and simple to use through the controller that is wired into the unit (with a 2meter lead). As soon as the unit has warmed to the correct temperature (about 3 minutes) the smoke can be switched on.

A good quality liquid is always recommended to achieve the best results and help give the machine its longest life. Our liquids are specially selected for this and can be purchased in 5 litre (FF) or 1 litre (FF1) bottles. The liquid tank is on the back of the unit with a capacity of 300ml, and be filled by unscrewing the lid and carefully pouring in the liquid being careful not over fill, a funnel is a particularly useful aid.

This fog machine is very versatile and can be mounted on a stand or truss via the hanging bracket or simply used on the floor or any flat surface. This machine is perfect for light shows or as a stage effect, at home or in venues. Artificial smoke is an almost essential part to many mobile entertainer or clubs arsenal highlighting beams of light emitting from light effects and lasers creating more jaw dropping results making the audience part of the show.

The Party Blaster has a 400 watt heater drawing a maximum of 600 watts from the mains supply. It can be used with any suitable 230 Volt mains socket and comes with a hard wired cable which is about 1.5 metres long.

The solid metal construction helps it withstand the knocks and bumps it will receive whilst being transported from venue to venue. The case is small and compact, so the machine can easily be hidden on stage and stowed away for transport without problem.

Do not allow liquid to become contaminated. Always replace the cap on the liquid container immediately after filling. After every 40 hours of operation, or if the unit is not to be used for one month or more, It is recommended to run a cleaning solution of 20% clear vinegar and 80% distilled water through the system to prevent clogging in the heater. This should be carried out in a well-ventilated room.

Mains Supply: 240Vac 50Hz
Power: 450 Watts
Heat Up Time: 3 min
Dimensions: 230 x 110 x 110mm
Weight: 2.2kg