Anytronics F Series Dimmer Pack Wall Mounted - Choice of Channels

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  • Wall Mounting Dimmer Packs
  • 4 or 8 Channels
  • HBC Fused Circuit Protection
  • Choice of Dimming or Switching Action Channel by Channel
  • DMX Or RS232 Control
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Anytronics range of wall mount dimming and switching packs that combine the hard-fired triac dimming technology of their successful range of wall mount packs with the digital control of the Contractor series. The F series of wall mount dimming packs feature fuse protection and selection of either dimming or switching action on every channel.
These packs offer both robustness and flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The dimmer circuitry is optimised to minimise RF interference and to work with all types of leading edge dimmable load circuits including inductive, capacitive and electronic loads, including LED lighting, with no minimum loading constraints.
If you're looking for an affordable and reliable way to control your LED lighting system, these wall mounting dimming/switching packs are an excellent choice. With a choice of 8 x 5 A, 4 x 5 A and 4 x 10 A dimming/switching models, there are options for a variety of applications. The units have no minimum load constraints and can be controlled with either DMX or RS232 digital inputs. In addition to their flexibility, these packs are also compatible with Anyscene and Anylight architectural lighting control systems. They also have electronic ballast settings for electronic loads and are compatible with AMD range of analogue and DMX architectural slider controls.

DP406F: 4Kg
DP806F: 5Kg
DP410F: 5.5Kg