Anytronics Dimmer Packs Wall Fixing

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  • Wall Mounting Dimmer Packs
  • Built-in Circuit Breakers
  • Dimming Or Switch Mode
  • DMX Or RS232 Control
  • Works With Inductive Loads
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A range of robust and flexible dimming and switching wall mount packs from Anytronics. These wall mounting dimming packs feature type C circuit breaker protection and selection of either dimming or switching action on every channel. The dimmer circuitry is optimised to minimise RF interference and to work with all types of leading edge dimmable load circuits, including inductive, capacitive and electronic loads with no minimum loading constraints. Other features include: Dimming or switching selection on each channel • Rugged steel enclosure. • Leading edge control utilising 25 A power devices. • Status indication on each channel. • Combined analogue and digital inputs • Choice of DMX or RS232 digital inputs • 3 or 5 Pin XLR and RJ45 DMX in/through connections • Auxiliary +5V 50mA supply on RJ45 for external controllers • Auxiliary +22V 50mA supply on DIN socket to power remote desks etc • Data LED indication • Analogue inputs on both models via screw terminals and DIN sockets • Additive preheat control. These packs should only be installed by a qualified electrician.

Supply: Single phase 230V AC
Max Load: 2300 Watts per channel
Current rise time: > 160 uS.
Control: DMX & 0 to +10 V input
Preheat: 0-25%.
Dimensions: 240 x 520 x 85 mm
Weight: K207DP 8.8kg
Weight: K208DP 8.6kg