Compact 100V 90 Watt Slave Amplifier

Code: US90
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  • Supplied with Hardware for Rack-Mounting 2 Units
  • 100V Input for Connection in Parallel with Existing 100V Speakers
  • 24V Fire Alarm Mute Contacts
  • 100V Line or 8 Ohms Operation
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100V slave amplifiers built into a half width 1U housing. In addition to RCA line input and output, the US amplifiers have a 100V input on removable screw terminals, which enables the amplifier to be connected in parallel with existing 100V speakers to extend the system. Mono output to either 100V line or an 8 ohm speaker load is connected via a separate removable screw terminal connector on the rear panel. Supplied with rack-mounting hardware which can be configured to mount a single unit against a wall or under a worktop. Designed as a versatile solution for small to medium PA installations.

Power Supply: 170-264Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Output RMS: 90W
Inputs: Line (RCA), 100V (Euroblock +/-)
Speaker Output: Terminals:
100V/8 Ohms/Com
Dimensions: 330 x 210 x 44mm
Weight: 2.4Kg