100V Mixer-Amplifier with DAB+/FM/USB/SD/BT

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  • Bluetooth, DAB+/FM and USB/SD Media Player
  • 3 Mono Inputs & 1 Selectable Stereo Source
  • 2 Independent 100V or Low Impedance Zones
  • Bass & Treble EQ for each Zone
  • Front Jacks or Rear Combo & Screw Inputs for Channels 1-3
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Fully-featured mixer-amplifier with class-D amplifier section, delivering 100V or low impedance output to 2 independant public address zones. Featuring a built-in audio player with Bluetooth® and DAB+/FM receiver, along with a USB/SD mp3 player for flexible and convenient playback of music or spoken information. Inputs include 3 balanced mic/line channels, which are live to both zones at all times, with switchable phantom power and selectable priority for channel 1. Additionally, a rotary selector for each zone can switch between 2 unbalanced line inputs, an auxiliary line input or the internal audio player section. Speaker connections are provided on screw terminal blocks with options for 100V line or 4-8 Ohm low impedance loads. Each zone also has an unbalanced line output if further amplifiers are to be connected to expand the system. Multiple input connections and convenient playback options make this amplifier a complete problem-solver for installers and venue owners, providing flexible and dependable control for distributed audio in commercial and leisure environments.

Power Supply: 170-264Vac, 50Hz
Output: 2 x 120W
Speaker Output: 2 x Terminals/8 Ohms/4 Ohms/Com
Phantom Power: +20V Switchable to XLR Inputs
Dimensions: 482 x 273 x 88mm
Weight: 6.76Kg