Studio Monitor Dual Amplifier 5” Bass Driver Sold as a Pair - Lyonforge

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  • Dual amplifiers
  • Stylish Design
  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Internal Filters
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This compact and powerful studio monitor set from Lyonforge is perfect for home studios and many other applications, delivering a flat and wide frequency response with very little distortion thanks to the class AB design.

Amplifiers and Protection
Each cabinet has its own dedicated bi-powered amplifier. The tweeter delivers 30 watts of power and the bass 40 watts of power. The amplifier has been designed with current limiting over temperature protection with a sub-sonic filter.

The Woofers have been custom designed using a Kevlar cones. The Kevlar cone allows sound waves to move evenly over the cone which create less reverb thus giving a more accurate copy of the sound being played. The woofer is 5 inch in size, has a rubber surround and is magnetically shielded.

The high-power silk dome tweeter has been chosen for its wide dispersion angle, allowing the listener to sit in different areas of the room but still hear those high frequencies clearly. The tweeter accurately produces the high frequencies delivering incredible audio.

The cabinet size was designed specifically for the drivers used. Built using high acoustic efficient MDF material. This has been ported to fine tune the sound quality. Covered in a tough black laminate to give a robust yet attractive look.

Connectivity and Control
The rear of cabinet is where you find all your controls, there is an option for balanced jack or XLR input giving the user complete flexibility, volume control to set levels and a acoustic space switch with flat, -2dB and -4dB settings, these can be used to compensate for low frequency build up when the monitors are positioned near a wall or other large objects.

Program Power: 70 Watts
Maximum SPL (1M): 100dB
Response (-3dB): 56Hz-22KHz
Input Sensitivity: 85mV
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms
Input Connectors: XLR/1/4 Jack
Dimensions: 176 x 195 x 252mm
Weight: 5.5kg