XLR to USB Audio Adapter with Headphone Monitoring

Code: MAXU
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  • XLR Input with USB Output
  • 3.5mm Jack for Headphone Monitoring
  • Swichable Phantom Power
  • Volume Controls
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The MAXU is a useful XLR-USB adapter that is used to connect professional XLR microphones to computers or other devices with USB ports, allowing for digital recording without the need for additional audio interfaces. These adapter converts the analog audio signal from the microphone into a digital format that can be transmitted via USB.

By incorporating a headphone output and volume controls, the adapter offers a convenient solution for monitoring audio while recording. This setup allows you to connect headphones directly to the adapter, enabling real-time monitoring of the microphone input and the playback audio. The volume controls let you adjust the balance between the microphone input and the playback audio, ensuring that you can hear both sources at the desired levels.

Additionally, the elimination of latency issues between the source (microphone) and the playback audio is a significant advantage. Latency, or the delay between recording the audio and hearing it through the speakers or headphones, can be a common problem in digital audio setups. By monitoring the audio directly through the adapter, you bypass any potential latency introduced by the recording software or system, resulting in a more seamless and accurate monitoring experience.

Overall, this type of XLR-USB adapter with built-in headphone output and volume controls can be a valuable tool for recording and monitoring audio using dynamic or condenser microphones. It provides a convenient and efficient solution for capturing professional-quality audio directly into digital devices without the need for complex audio interfaces or additional equipment.

Power Consumption: 2.2W
Input: XLR
Output: B Type USB
Dimensions: 117 x 31 x 28mm
Weight: 95g