Microphone Studio Pop Filter with Heavy Duty Screen & Clamp

Code: CLS-701
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  • Reduces Pops Noises
  • Screw Clamp
  • Fits most Microphone Stands
  • Bendable Gooseneck
£4.25 inc VAT

This pop noise filter is designed to be attached to most microphone stands, and comes with a screw clip that will fit a wide range of stand diameters. This makes it easy to set up and get started with recording high-quality audio.

A microphone pop filter is an essential tool for anyone looking to record high-quality audio in a studio setting. It serves to reduce unwanted popping and hissing sounds caused by the hard sounds of P and B in your speech. The pop filter is designed to make your recordings sound smoother, more professional and polished.

This particular pop filter is made with a strong and durable plastic case that houses a fine fabric mesh screen. The screen works to diffuse the air from your voice, breaking up any hard sounds and preventing them from reaching your microphone. The pop filter is attached to a flexible goose neck, which allows you to position it perfectly in front of your microphone for optimal performance.

Neck: 350mm long, flexible gooseneck
Diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 252g