Acoustic Isolation Monitor Speaker Pads - Choice of Size

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  • Eliminate Vibrations/Resonance
  • Non-Slip Surface Ensures the Speaker Stays in Place
  • High Density Foam
  • Available in 3 Different Sizes
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Acoustic isolation pads decouple monitor speakers and eliminate vibrations/resonance, and in some instances eliminates resonant coupling from the surface to which the speakers are situated. Using the angled isolation pads gives greater detail and depth across the frequency spectrum, allowing for easier and cleaner mixing. The high density foam allows the speaker to be separated from the surface while the non-slip surface ensures the speaker stays in place.

Dimensions & Weight:
Small: 60 x 240 x 190mm, 1.2kg
Medium: 70 x 260 x 330mm, 2.27kg
Large: 60 x 280 x 330mm, 2.39kg