Star Cloth 3 x 6m with Cool White LEDs

Code: STAR63CW
Availability: Expected soon
  • 200 x 5mm Cool White LEDs
  • Fast fixx™ Velcro Tabs
  • Low Reflection, Fire Retardant Cloth
  • Includes: Controller and Heavy Duty Carry Bag
  • All-On, Sound ACtive, Chase & Auto Fade Modes
  • IEC Power Input
£420.00 inc VAT

This starcloth flashes and flickers to the beat of the music, making it suitable for any mobile DJ or band who require a professional looking backdrop behind their booth or stage area. As its illumination source is LED it produces extremely sharp, pointsof light, yet they are much less costly than fibre optics, which were used in light curtains of the past.

Power Supply: 240V
Folded in Bag Dimensions: 580 x 490 x 150mm
Dimensions: 6 x 3m
Weight: 9.5kg