Complete Stage Lighting Installation Package with Powered Lighting & LED Par Cans

Code: SLI-001
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  • 6 Six Colour LED Par Cans
  • 6m Internally Wired Lighting Bar with 6 13A Sockets
  • DMX Lighting Desk with 48 Channels and Protective Flight Case
  • Cables and Rigging Accessories Supplied
  • To be Installed by a Qualified Electrician
£2455.00 inc VAT

Use this lighting package as a guide to understand what can be achieved with a modest budget. The system includes 6 LED par cans and all the necessary parts needed for installation. This kit is ideal for schools and is perfect for small stages or entertainment areas. The lights compare to 500 watt conventional lamps, but being LED only a small amount of power is required. Other advantages include low heat generation and greater colour control in comparison to convention lights. The spots in this kit produce Red, Green, Blue, and White light. You can easily select and mix these colours to create a massive range of bold or pastel shades, The controller allows you to save scenes and chases that can then be recalled at a touch of a button. 

This kit needs to be installed by a competent person as the lighting bar needs to be fixed to the ceiling in a safe way and powered by a suitable mains supply.

Please email us at if you want advice on this kit, want us to quote for installation/training or quote for a variation of this kit.

Power Consumption: 1380w