External Top Hat for Speaker Cabinets

Code: CLS-190
Availability: Expected Soon
  • Surface Fitting
  • Strong Reinforced Design
  • Steel Locking Insert
£6.95 inc VAT

This top hat adaptor is the perfect way to securely fit your speaker cabinet to a stand or pole. The strong adaptor is made from robust shatter proof plastic and can be retro fitted to any wooden speaker cabinet. There is no need to cut large holes in the cabinet, just secure the adaptor to the cabinet surface using screws or bolts. The top hat is suitable for any 35mm speaker pole or stand, it will easily slide over the pole and lock into place with the substantial hand-locking screw. This is the ideal way to create a secure and professional looking speaker mount. Supplied With Fixing Screws.

Dimensions: 108 x 198 x 80mm (Max)
Pole Diameter: 35mm
Fixing Holes: 7.3mm