Portable PA Unit With Media Player, FM Tuner, Bluetooth & LEDs

Code: PAL15
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  • 15" PA Spealer
  • 2 x Handheld Wireless Microphones
  • Smart Phone Wireless Pairing
  • Internal USB/SD Audio Player with FM Tuner
  • Mains, DC or Re-Chargeable Operation
  • Colourful LED Light Show from Main Speaker Cone
£213.00 inc VAT

Portable PA unit with built in multicolour LED light show behind the front grille. Built into a sturdy moulded cabinet and trolley assembly. Powered from 230V mains or the internal rechargeable battery for true portability. 2 x VHF wireless handheld microphones and USB/SD media player with FM tuner and BT wireless receiver. Complete entertainment system for parties, singers and performers.

Mains Input: 230Vac, 50Hz, 12Vdc or Internal Battery
Output: 80 Watts
Battery Run Time: Up to 6 Hours (3 Hours with LEDs On)
Re-Charge Time: 8 Hours
Mic Frequency: 174.1MHz &175.0MHz
Dimensions: 690 x 450 x 370mm
Weight: 13.5Kg