NUX B-6 Wireless Saxophone System 2.4GHz

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  • License-Free, Dynamic 2.4GHz Operation
  • High Definition, Low Latency Digital Audio
  • Supplied in Rechargeable Power Case
  • Voicing Scenes for Tenor, Alto or Soprano Saxophone
  • Auto-Pairing and Battery Saving Mode
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B-6 is a 2.4GHz wireless microphone system specifically designed for saxophone players. The clip-on transmitter adjusts to attach to the bell of any standard saxophone. A flexible gooseneck microphone connects to the transmitter and locks in place to be directed for optimum sound pickup. The microphone is a custom designed electret condenser capsule with special tuning and precision suspension to avoid keying noise and unwanted resonant frequencies. 3 voicing modes are available to deliver the best sound performance for Tenor, Alto and Soprano instruments. The receiver is a convenient XLRM plug-in type for connection to a microphone input on a mixing console or amplifier. The system will auto-pair when powered up and seek the best carrier to maintain a stable connection. Both transmitter and receiver are rechargeable and are supplied in a power case, which re-charges both when stored and can recharge itself via a standard USB type-C port. B-6 is the designed to provide freedom, convenience and no-fuss operation for saxophone players that don't want to be tied to the mic stand.

Power Supply: Rechargeable via 5V USB or Power Case
Runtime: 7 Hours
Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz License-Free Band
Range: Up to 20m (Line of Sight)
Dimensions: 153 x 113 x 55mm (In Power Case)
Weight: 389g (In Power Case)