JTS R-4 Wireless Microphone Receiver - Choice of Type

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  • 4 Channel System
  • 1U Housing
  • Ideal for Installers and Rental Companies
  • Can be Added to Existing R-4 Systems
  • Unlicensed & Licensed Options
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The JTS R-4 is a state-of-the-art quad multi-channel wireless technology system that includes a radio microphone receiver. It has quickly become the go-to choice for installers, rental companies, and anyone in need of multiple wireless channels in a compact space. The system is equipped with 4 channels and fits within a 1U, 19" rack mount chassis.

Designed with JTS's latest generation of wireless technology, the R-4 provides an increased number of compatible channels within a limited bandwidth, making it highly efficient. The unit's integral power and antenna distribution make it easy to add additional R-4 receivers, including the radio microphone receiver, without any issues. Furthermore, the antenna outputs and AC power supply are cascaded for ease of installation.

Additionally, the JTS R-4 features a patented REMOSET function that allows for all microphone data to be sent with just one button push. All four microphones connected to the system can receive correspondent data simultaneously, streamlining operations. JTS provides detailed and complete adjustment options to ensure optimal audio and radio performance, making the JTS R-4 an exceptional choice for any audio setup.

It's worth noting that the JTS R-4 is available for use in both licensed and unlicensed bands. In the unlicensed band, one R-4 can be used, while in the licensed band, up to four R-4 units can be used. This flexibility makes the JTS R-4 an ideal choice for various audio setups, whether in a licensed or unlicensed environment. Additionally, the system's advanced wireless technology ensures that it can operate smoothly and reliably in any environment, providing high-quality audio performance.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac
Carrier Frequency: 606.5-638 (Licensed) or 823-865MHz (Unlicensed)
Dimensions: 212 x 38 x 144mm
Weight: 5Kg