JTS R4 Rack n Ready Microphone System

Code: R4RACK
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  • Up to 12 Simultaneous Channels of True Diversity Operation
  • Antenna Outputs and AC Power Supply Designed to be Cascaded
  • Remoset Feature Sends all Mic Data by Pushing of One Button
  • Handheld or Belt Pack Versions Available
  • 3 Channel Options
  • Systems are Supplied as Components & Have to be Assembled Onsite
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The system is designed with JTS newest generation wireless technology. To cope with the squeezed radio spectrum the system provides more compatible channels within limited bandwidth. The R-4 is a 4 channel system in a 19” one U case. Antenna outputs and AC power supply are designed to be cascaded. It provides great convenience to installation.
JTS patented REMOSET feature sends all microphone data by pushing of one button. Moreover all 4 microphones can receive correspondent data at the same time after one pushing. As always JTS provides detailed and full adjustment for best audio and radio performance.

Please note systems are Supplied as Components & Have to be Assembled Onsite.

Carrier Frequency: 606.5 - 638MHz