Freestanding Projector Screen 80" 1:1 Ratio

Code: FPS8011
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  • Black Border Enhances the Definition of the Projected Image
  • Housed in its own Lightweight Aluminium Case, Easy to Transport and Store
  • Smooth Open & Retract Gas Tube Mechanism
  • Fully Height Adjustable to Suit Application
  • Foldable Support Feet for Increased Stability
  • Flame Retardant and Mildew Proof
£156.00 inc VAT

A projector screen housed in a compact lightweight aluminium case. This freestanding unit can be quickly assembled by pulling the screen up and folding out the support feet. For storage and transportation the feet fold back in and the screen simply retracts back into the unit. An ideal solution for educational environments, business presentations and home cinema use.

Screen Size: 80" (203cm)
Screen Ratio: 1:
Screen Dimensions: 1450 x 1450mm
Height Adjustment: 2290mm Max
Housing Dimensions: 1585 x 118 x 97mm
Weight: 9Kg