Compact LED Profile Spot 150W Warm White

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  • 150W Warm White 3200K LED
  • Manual Zoom
  • Low Noise Cooling Fan for Very Silent Operation
  • DMX Control via 3 Different Channel Modes for Maximum Flexibility
  • Full Standalone Mode
  • Flicker Free for TV Recordings
  • Four Dimmer Settings
  • Lock Function
  • 5 Pin DMX & PowerCON TRUE1 Inputs/Outputs
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The BTPROWW is a highly versatile and compact white LED profile light that offers a range of features and capabilities. The compact design allows the housing to be small and lightweight whilst still delivering powerful performance. It features an integrated manual zoom system that allows you to adjust the beam angle between 25° and 50°, providing flexibility in beam size and coverage.

The light includes a 4-blade shutter framing system, enabling precise beam cuts and shaping as well as a built-in gobo holder that ensures sharp and clear gobo projections.

The white LED used in the BTPROWW has an extremely high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of over 96, resulting in accurate and vibrant colour representation.

The fixture operates quietly with a low-noise cooling fan, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as studios or museums. It also offers different pre-sets for specific applications like live performances or studio recordings.

The BTPROWW can be used in standalone mode without the need for DMX control. This makes it suitable for applications such as museums or exhibition booths where simple manual control is desired. DMX control is also available via the three different channel modes, providing maximum flexibility for professional lighting setups. The fixture is equipped with Remote Device Management (RDM) functionality, allowing for easy remote setup and configuration of DMX addressing, channel modes, and other parameters. Manual controls for dimming, strobe effects, and zoom, offer direct and immediate adjustment options. In case of DMX signal failure, you can choose between blackout mode (lights off) or freeze mode (maintaining the current state) for uninterrupted operation.

The adjustable high LED-refresh rate ensures flicker-free lighting, making it ideal for TV recordings or any application where flicker can be a concern. The profile provides four different dimmer settings with various behaviours and speed options, allowing for precise control of light intensity.

The fixture is equipped with an OLED display, which provides easy navigation through the setup menu and configuration settings. To avoid accidental changes to the settings the lock function ensures stability and consistency during operation.

Cabling the BTPROWW is simple with the 5 pin DMX in/outputs and PowerCON TRUE1 compatible in/outputs, allowing for easy daisy-chaining of multiple fixtures.

Despite its compact size, the fixture is built to be lightweight yet durable, suitable for touring and various installation scenarios.

The BTPROWW is a versatile and feature-rich LED profile light that combines powerful performance, flexibility, and ease of use, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the lighting industry.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 170W
LED: 1 x 150W Warm White
Beam Angle: 25-50 Degrees
DMX Channels: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Dimensions: 568 x 224 x 191mm
Weight: 6.2Kg