Carrying Bag For 15" Speaker

Code: PS-BAG15
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  • Protective Bag For Plastic Speakers
  • Speakers Can Be Used While Still In The Bag
  • Front & Back Zip Openings
  • Velcro Side Handle Openings
  • Velcro Bottom For Top Hat Access
£22.95 inc VAT

Strong nylon bag for many of the popular 15 inch plastic loudspeaker cabinets. Fits K115, PLX15, PS-TEC15 plus many others. The zip front and back can be folded back, there are pull back Velcro panels for the base and handle, so the bag can be left on the cabinet while it is in use. A well designed bag to keep your cabinets in peak condition.

Dimensions: 750 x 520 x 460mm
Weight: 0.92Kg