BriteQ Titan Hybrid Moving Head with HRI-100 Lamp

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  • Hybrid Moving Head with HRI-100 Discharge Lamp
  • Beam, Spot & Wash in One Light
  • 1 Colour Wheel with 13 Colours, Including CTO & CTB Filters + White
  • 1 Gobo Wheel with 14 Static Gobos + Open
  • 1 Gobo Wheel with 9 Easily Replaceable Rotating Gobos
  • Motorised Zoom & Focus
  • Modular Setup for Easy Servicing and Cleaning
  • 3 Different DMX Channel Modes
  • 3/5 Pin DMX and Powercon Daisy Chaining
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The ultimate moving head, this projector has beam, spot and wash in one unit. The OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280 lamp (7800K), combined with Hi-Q optics, make it incredibly bright: BEAM: 2,7° ~ 11°, max. 82.650 lux @ 20m, SPOT: 5° ~ 23°, max. 25.400 lux @ 10m.

The different effect wheels create dazzling effects: 1 colour wheel with 13 carefully selected colours, including CTO & CTB-filters + white, 1 gobo wheel with 14 static gobos + open, 1 gobo wheel with 9 easily replaceable rotating gobos (glass + metal, OD: 15.8mm / IM: 12.5mm). The 8 facet round + 6 facet linear prisms have separate rotation speed settings and can be mixed for stunning effects. The wash effect is perfect for stage and theatre, providing a bright colour stage wash. The very accurate Dimmer/shutter for linear dimming and variable strobe effects adds yet more to the programmed show. The 3-Phase MOONS' stepper motors assure very fast pan and tilt movements 8 or 16 bit precision. This unit offers unparalleled performance and processing speed thanks to the intensive use of FPGA technology.

The 2.8" Colour touch screen with automatic display rotation allows for easy and intuitive menu navigation. There are 3 different DMX channel modes (16ch, 24ch & 25ch) for maximum flexibility. Easy firmware updates keep your machine up-to-date at all times (optional firmware updater needed). The ever reliable Neutrik 3pin & 5pin in/outputs give maximum flexibility in a professional environment and Neutrik PowerCON® in/outputs: up to 16A can be daisy chained for easy installation.

Equipped with omega brackets for fast installation. A flight case for 2 heads available on request.

Mains Input: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 400W
Lamp: HRI-100 Discharge
Beam Angle: 2.7-11 Degree (Beam) & 5-23 Degree (Spot)
DMX Channels: 16, 24 or 25
Dimensions: 391 x 287 x 583mm
Weight: 22Kg