JTS TX-2 Kick Drum Microphone

Code: TX-2
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  • For Kick Drums and Bass Guitar Amps
  • Pneumatic Shock Mount
  • Built-In Adjustable Locking Stand Adapter
  • 3 Pin XLR Connection
£45.00 inc VAT

The JTS TX-2 Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone provides articulated bass response for the miking of Kick Drums and other low frequency instruments such as Bass Guitar Amps. With an internal pneumatic shock mount to drastically reduce unwanted vibrations and noise. Along with the extremely rugged mic body and the built in adjustable locking stand adapter, the TX - 2 offers professional performance at a reasonable cost.

Pickup Pattern: Super Cardioid
Response: 20Hz-12kHz
Sensitivity: -85db
Impedance: 600 Ohms
Weight: 397g