Head-worn Condenser Microphone for Flute with Phantom Power Adapter

Code: CX-500FHW
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  • Head-worn Omni Directional Condenser Microphone
  • 4 Pin Mini XLR Connector
  • Can be Worn Left or Right
  • Adjustable Boom for Desirable Positioning
  • Phantom Power Adapter Included
£135.00 inc VAT

The CX-500FHW has a full range omni directional microphone capsule. The flat frequency response ensures perfect reproduction for all styles of flute or piccolo.. The clever headset design makes changing instrument easy. The headset can be worn left or right facing, so the aid of the mini goods-neck and optimum microphone position can be found. A phantom power adaptor is included with the microphone.

Power Supply: 1-5Vdc
Pickup Pattern: Omni Directional
Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: -58db
Impedance: 1.5k Ohms
Weight: 10g