Portable Hearing Aid Loop Amplifier System

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  • Portable and Autonomous Magnetic Loop Amplifier
  • This Portable Loop System makes it Easy to use at a Desk or Counter
  • Made of ABS, it has an Integrated Microphone, Amplifier, Rechargeable Battery and an Induction Loop for a Coverage of 1.2 m²
  • Charger Included
£200.00 inc VAT

A portable hearing aid loop system. This loop system is suitable for hearing aids with the T switch. The loop system is perfect to carry with you and can mounted on a desk or counter between the talker and the hearing impaired. The unit has a built in microphone which then gets amplified. The rechargeable battery makes for a totally portable unit and has a coverage of 1.2 m². The unit is made from a strong ABS plastic and has a handy carry handle.

Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery (Charger Included)
Operating Time: 4 Hours (From Full Charge)
Weight: 1.3Kg