iLINE Column Array PA System 2040W by Audiophony

Code: ILINE-03
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  • Column Array PA System
  • 2040 Watts
  • Two Active Subs
  • Two Passive Subs
  • Four Passive Column Speakers
  • Includes Cables and Covers
£2720.00 inc VAT

A high powered 2040 watt PA system from the iLINE range by Audiophony. This PA system sounds incredible for its size and is ideally suited to weddings, public events, school use and so much more! This kit includes all the parts needed to set-up a complete system in no time with minimal fuss. Included are; Four column array passive satellite speakers, two active subwoofers, two passive subwoofers, two speakon cables, two XLR cables and the iLINEbox.

Set-up and wiring is straightforward, simply connect the left signal to one active subwoofer, connect a right signal the other active subwoofer, then use the supplied speakon cable to link to each of the passive subwoofers and you are away! The passive satellites come with their own signal spigot connections, eliminating the need for additional cabling. This makes for a very tidy set-up which is also quick and simple to pack down if being used on the road!

Users can use the supplied iLINE box to connect the system to a computer, whereby they can then set up the subwoofers DSP, with control over equalisation, delay, gain, crossover point and compressor. This is particularly useful for improving the sound quality in different venues or adjusting for variable applications. The settings can be changed in real time and saved directly into the subwoofers memory.

This complete audio system is suitable for so many applications and is a popular choice for vocalists, bands, entertainers, DJs and more. The system is also offered in black or white, making it a versatile option whatever your setting.

Power: 2040w