FBT X-Series Active System 5400W XLITE15A x2, X-SUB 118SA x2, Padded Bags and Poles

Code: X5000
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  • Active PA System
  • Pair of FBT X-LITE15A Tops & X-SUB118SA Subs
  • 2 x 15" Tops with 18" Subs
  • 2 Speaker Poles with a Bag
  • Covers for all Cabinets Included
£3899.00 inc VAT

Introducing the X5000 High-Power Active Sound System. This powerful setup combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional design.

X-LITE 15A Top Boxes:
Crafted with precision, the X-LITE 15A top boxes are designed to impress. Their sleek, black finish blends seamlessly with any environment, making them perfect for fixed installations.
Versatile in use, these speakers can also double as powered floor stage monitors, thanks to their asymmetrical shape.
You'll be captivated by their exceptional sound quality, covering a frequency range from 50Hz to 20kHz, suitable for both speech and music applications.
With a 15" low-frequency woofer and a 1" HF compression driver, these speakers deliver crystal-clear audio.
The X-LITE15A top boxes are bi-amplified, featuring an 800W RMS low-frequency amp and a 200W RMS high-frequency amp.
The control panel offers various input options, including XLR, 6.3mm jack, and stereo RCA inputs, ensuring compatibility with a range of audio sources.
Plus, you have control over settings like HP filter, mic/line, and DSP presets to tailor the sound to your needs.
Sturdy and ready for any setup, these speakers come with M10 rigging points for mounting on walls or ceilings.
Whether you're using them for performances or installations, the X-LITE15A speakers are built to last, featuring a rugged construction and protective steel grills.

X-SUB 118SA Subs:
Complementing the X-LITE series, the X-SUB 118SA powered subwoofers are here to add depth and power to your sound.
These subs are equipped with a 1200W Class D amplifier and DSP with four presets, ensuring that you can fine-tune your low-frequency response to perfection.
Featuring a single 18" heavy-duty woofer, the X-SUB 118SA delivers the bass impact you crave for a truly immersive experience.
Built to withstand the rigors of touring while maintaining an elegant Italian design, these subs are perfect for both mobile setups and fixed installations.
The M20 thread allows for easy pole mounting in a 3-way system design, offering flexibility in your setup.


Power: 5400W