FBT X-lite112A Active Speaker System, Set of Two with Stands & Covers 3000W

Code: PPS-065
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  • Two 12" FBT Active Speakers
  • 2 Speaker Stands with Bag
  • Compact PA Solution
  • Just Connect a Sound Device
  • Speaker Covers Included
  • 300 Watts
£1098.00 inc VAT

The FBT X-Lite 112A active speakers are perfect whether you're hosting parties, functions, school gatherings, or corporate events. This dynamic system is your ticket to exceptional audio quality and hassle-free setup.

Here's what you get in this fantastic package:

FBT X-Lite 112A Active Speakers: These powerhouses come equipped with everything you need, right inside the sleek and durable cabinets. With a 12" low-frequency woofer and a 1" high-frequency compression driver, they deliver crystal-clear sound, covering a wide frequency range from 50Hz to 20kHz.

Integrated Mixer: Say goodbye to complicated setups. The built-in 3-channel mixer allows you to connect microphones, instruments, and even stream audio via Bluetooth. It's versatile and user-friendly!

Amplified Brilliance: Each speaker boasts a 1200W bass amp and a 300W high-frequency amp. The result? A powerful, punchy sound that fills the room and leaves your audience awestruck.

Constant Directivity Horn: Enjoy consistent sound dispersion with the 90°H x 60°V constant directivity horn. Perfect for achieving excellent coverage in any venue.

DSP with Presets: Tailor your sound to perfection with the built-in DSP, offering four presets to match your content and the venue's acoustics.

Versatile Applications: These speakers aren't just for playback. The asymmetrical cabinet design also makes them ideal as stage monitors, ensuring that performers hear themselves clearly.

Robust Speaker Stands: Elevate your sound with confidence. The package includes sturdy speaker stands, giving you the flexibility to position your speakers at ear level for an immersive experience.

Complete Protection: We've got you covered—literally! Padded speaker covers ensure your investment stays safe during transportation and storage.

Portable and Easy: When the event ends, packing up is a breeze. The stands are neatly stored in the included speaker stand bag, and your speakers are snug in their protective covers.

Power: 3000W