FBT ProMaxX Active PA System 3200W, ProMaxX 114A, SUBline118SA, Bags & Poles

Code: PM4000
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  • Active PA System
  • FBT PromaxX 114A Tops & Subline 118SA Subs
  • 2 x 14" Tops & 2 x 18" Subs
  • Telescopic Poles & Covers Included
  • Black Finish
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Introducing the ProMaxX PM 4000 Active Sound System. This system combines the finesse of two ProMaxX 114A active tops and 118SA active subs, delivering a total of 4200 Watts RMS.

The ProMaxX 114A, with its specially crafted polypropylene cabinet and stylish grille design is powered by a purpose-built FBT amplifier module, this system ensures the highest audio performance.

What sets the ProMaxX PM 4000 apart is its powerful digital signal processing (DSP) platform, easily accessible through an intuitive graphical user interface. With six carefully designed equalizer presets, including options for vocals, DJing, touring, and more, you have the perfect sound for every occasion. You can also create and save your own presets with up to five parametric equalizers per slot, fine-tuning your sound to perfection. Additional features such as a high-pass filter, mic/line selector, tone settings, and optional delay up to 10 meters give you full control over your audio environment. Plus, you can choose between two limiter modes, MAX-SPL or MAX-QUALITY, to suit your performance needs. You can pole-mount, wall-hang, suspend, or deploy it in an array, adapting to your unique setup requirements.

Complementing the ProMaxX 114A are the Subline 118SA active subs. These bass-reflex subs, constructed from birch plywood, extend the low-frequency response to match various FBT speaker systems. They're driven by Class D amplifiers and equipped with a Digital Signal Processor with presets designed to seamlessly integrate with other FBT speakers. For convenience, the Subline 118SA features IN/OUT stereo connectors, allowing you to use just one subwoofer with left and right speakers. The Neutrik TRUE1 Power connection eliminates the need for a power switch while ensuring a secure and reliable connection. With optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles, and tour-grade plywood cabinets, transporting these subs is a breeze.

Power: 4200W