FBT ProMaxX Active PA System 3200W, ProMaxX 114A, SUBline115SA, Bags & Poles

Code: PM3000
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  • Active PA System
  • FBT PromaxX 114A Tops & Subline 115SA Subs
  • 2 x 14" Tops & 2 x 15" Subs
  • Telescopic Poles & Covers Included
  • Black Finish
£4589.00 inc VAT

Introducing the ProMaxX PM 3000 Active Sound System

The ProMaxX 114A active tops are the heart of this system. They boast a specially developed polypropylene cabinet, making them not only durable but stylish. These tops feature custom FBT speakers with B&C's compression driver technology, delivering exceptional audio quality. The purpose-built FBT amplifier module with a switch-mode power supply ensures reliable performance, providing 700W RMS for the low frequencies via efficient Class-D technology and 200W RMS for the high frequencies using a Class-H/AB design, guaranteeing high-definition audio.

The ProMaxX 114A comes equipped with a powerful digital signal processing (DSP) platform accessible through an intuitive graphical user interface. This feature lets you choose from 6 equalizer presets, catering to various applications. You also have 2 preset slots for your custom designs, along with a high-pass filter, mic/line selector, tone settings, and optional delay control. Plus, you can select between two limiter modes for maximum SPL or superior audio quality. What's more, the ProMaxX 114A is incredibly versatile. You can pole-mount it, hang it on a wall, suspend it, or even deploy it in an array.

But the ProMaxX PM 2000 System doesn't stop there. It includes two Subline 115SA active subs to take your sound to the next level. These subs are built with a bass-reflex configuration and constructed from birch plywood, delivering extended low-frequency response to complement any speaker system. With Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply, and a Digital Signal Processor with presets, they are the perfect match for your ProMaxX tops.

With IN/OUT stereo connectors, you can easily integrate the subs with your left and right speakers. The Neutrik TRUE1 Power connection ensures a secure and hassle-free power connection without the need for a power switch. Transporting this system is a breeze thanks to optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles, and tour-grade plywood cabinets, ensuring durability and ease of use.

Power: 3200W