FBT ProMaxX Active PA System 3200W, ProMaxX 110A, SUBline112SA, Bags & Poles

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  • Active PA System
  • FBT PromaxX 110A Tops & Subline 112SA Subs
  • 2 x 10" Tops & 2 x 12" Subs
  • Telescopic Poles & Covers Included
  • Black Finish
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ProMaxX PM 1000 Active System, which consists of the ProMaxX 110A active tops and Subline 112SA active subs. Key features and specifications:

ProMaxX 110A Active Tops:

Cabinet Material: Specially developed polypropylene
Speaker Configuration: Custom FBT speakers with B&C compression driver technology
Amplifier Module: Purpose-built FBT amplifier module with a switch-mode power supply
Power Rating:
Low Frequency (LF): 700W RMS (Class-D topology)
High Frequency (HF): 200W RMS (Class-H/AB design)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP):
6 equalizer presets designed by FBT engineers
2 user-defined preset slots with 5 parametric equalizers each
High-pass filter, mic/line selector, tone settings (low, mid, high), and optional delay
Two limiter modes: MAX-SPL or MAX-QUALITY
Versatility: Can be pole-mounted, wall-hung, suspended, or used in an array
EQ Presets:
ORIGINAL / LIVE: Smooth FBT sound
VOCAL: Optimized for speech intelligibility
DJ: High-energy for dancing
TOURING: Reliability and power for touring applications
LOUDNESS: Ideal for medium to low volume listening
WARM: Emphasizes low-mid frequencies

Subline 112SA Active Subs:

Cabinet Material: Built in birch plywood
Bass-Reflex Configuration
Amplifier: Class D with a switch-mode power supply
Digital Signal Processor (DSP): Includes presets to match other FBT speaker systems
Connectivity: IN/OUT stereo connectors for use with Left and Right speakers
Neutrik TRUE1 Power Connection: Offers a solid locking connection without a power switch
Presets: Various presets for different types of music
Built-in delay: Helps with time alignment
Ergonomic integrated carrying handles
Tour-grade plywood cabinets for easy transport

These components are designed to work together to provide a high-quality sound reinforcement system suitable for various applications, including live sound, DJ performances, and more. The combination of the ProMaxX 110A active tops and Subline 112SA active subs offers a comprehensive, versatile audio solution.

Power: 3200W