FBT JMaxX 114A, Subline 118SA, Speaker Poles and Padded Covers 3200 Watts Active System

Code: JM4000
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  • Active PA System
  • FBT JMaxX 114A Tops & Subline 118SA Subs
  • 2 x 14" Tops & 2 x 18" Subs
  • Telescopic Poles & Covers Included
  • Black Finish
£4995.00 inc VAT

Introducing the JM4000 Active Speaker System with the acclaimed JMaxX 114A active speakers and two Subline 18" active subwoofers, delivering a total power of 4200W.

JMaxX 114A:
Featuring FBT's cutting-edge 90° x 60° HF horn design, this speaker offers improved projection, accuracy, and dispersion for mid and high frequencies. It's like having four speakers in one, thanks to the tailored equalization presets. The JMaxX 114A is powered by FBT's latest-generation 700W + 200W Class D amplifier with a universal switch mode power supply. This combination provides ample power and headroom to faithfully reproduce even the most demanding audio without distortion. Plus, the 14-inch driver within a 12-inch cabinet ensures compact portability without compromising on power or clarity. Conveniently laid out on the rear panel, you'll find XLR inputs and outputs, volume control, EQ presets, filters, and a ground lift switch for effortless setup and operation. Versatility is key with multiple mounting and fixing options, including M10 suspension points, wall bracket flange plates for fixed installations, and a built-in 35mm pole mount socket for portable use. With cabinet profiles designed at 14°, 40°, and 55° wedge angles. Weighing just 14kg and packing an impressive 900 Watts RMS, the JMaxX 114A sets a new standard for compact, affordable, and lightweight speakers.

SUBline 118SA:
The SUBline 118SA is crafted from durable birch plywood. It's designed to expand the low-frequency response across a range of FBT speaker systems. Equipped with Class D amplifiers, a switch mode power supply, and a Digital Signal Processor with presets, this subwoofer effortlessly complements other FBT speakers. Featuring IN/OUT stereo connectors, you can use a single subwoofer with both left and right speakers. The Neutrik TRUE1 Power connection eliminates the need for a power switch while providing a secure locking connection. For easy transport, optional wheels, ergonomic integrated carrying handles, and tour-grade plywood cabinets make the SUBline 118SA a practical choice.

Power: 4200W