FBT J Series DJ 15A and Subline 118SA Active PA System 3300W Includes Speaker Poles and Covers

Code: J5000
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  • Active PA System
  • FBT DJ15A & Subline 118SA Subs
  • 2 x 15" Tops & 2 x 18" Subs
  • Telescopic Poles & Covers Included
  • Black Finish
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The J5000 system is a professional audio setup designed with DJs in mind. It includes the J15A tops and the SUBline 118SA subwoofer, creating a powerful full-range audio system. Key features and components:

J15A (Top Speakers):
These speakers are designed for modern DJ applications.
The cabinet is made of rugged, gas-injected moulded polypropylene, which makes it durable and suitable for various environments.
The asymmetrical shape of the cabinet allows it to be used as a powered floor stage monitor.
The J15A is a two-way speaker with a 15" low-frequency woofer and a 1" HF custom compression driver.
It has a 90°H x 60°V horn for sound dispersion.
The active internal crossover operates at a fixed frequency of 1.8kHz.
Frequency range: 48Hz - 20kHz, providing high fidelity sound for both speech and music.
Maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 129dB.
It has a front face steel grille to protect the speaker.
The speaker is bi-amplified with a 350W RMS low-frequency amp and a 100W RMS high-frequency amp.
The control panel features a two-channel input mixer, XLR/jack input and XLR link, mic/line switch, level control, high-pass filter, 4 preset switches, stereo RCA input, and XLR out for daisy-chaining.
It features two M10 fly points for mounting, as well as optional mounting brackets for wall or ceiling installation.
The speaker can be mounted on a standard 1.38" speaker stand.

SUBline 118SA (Subwoofer):
The SUBline 118SA is a bass-reflex subwoofer designed to extend the low-frequency response of various FBT speaker systems.
It is built with birch plywood for durability.
Class D amplifiers, switch mode power supply, and a Digital Signal Processor with presets are included to match other FBT speakers.
It has IN/OUT stereo connectors, allowing it to be used with both Left and Right speakers.
The Neutrik TRUE1 Power connection eliminates the need for a power switch and provides a secure locking connection.
Optional wheels and ergonomic integrated carrying handles make it easy to transport.
The cabinet is made from tour-grade plywood, suitable for professional use.

In summary, the J5000 system with the J15A tops and the SUBline 118SA subwoofer is designed to provide high-quality sound for DJ applications, with features such as durable construction, flexible mounting options, and integrated signal processing for optimal performance.

Power: 3300W