FBT Column Active Line Array System CLA 406A x4 CLA118SA x4, 4200W, Choice of Colour

Code: VT4000
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  • Active PA System
  • Pair of FBT Vertus CLA406.2A Top Speakers & CLA118SA Subs
  • Pair of Speaker Supports
  • Covers for Speakers & Subs Included
  • Available in Black or White
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The VT4000 is a powerful active sound reinforcement system with a total output of 4200 Watts RMS. It includes a pair of Vertus CLA 406.2A top boxes and a pair of CLA 118SA subs, as well as speaker supports and covers for the top speakers and subs. This system is available in black or white.

Vertus CLA 406.2A:
The Vertus CLA 406.2A is a 2-way active line array column designed for portable sound reinforcement. It is an improved version of the VERTUS CLA460A active column array, known for its exceptional audio performance. The CLA 406.2A is designed to be highly portable and user-friendly. It is suitable for both mobile sound reinforcement and fixed installations where dispersion characteristics and audio performance are crucial.

Key features of the Vertus CLA 406.2A include:
Class-D amplification with 600W for the low-frequency drivers and 300W for the high-frequency driver.
Maximum SPL of 133 dB.
Four 6.5-inch custom woofers and a 1.4-inch B&C HF compression driver with a 2.5-inch voice coil.
On-board DSP with eight presets.
Large-format waveguide providing a dispersion of 100 degrees (horizontal) x 25 degrees (vertical).
Various accessories for suspension, floor stand, and enclosure coupling.
Multiple hardware options for installation flexibility.
The CLA 406.2A is designed to deliver excellent sound quality and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Vertus CLA 118SA:
The Vertus CLA 118SA is a subwoofer made of birch plywood with a 460mm woofer from B&C. It features a bass reflex port with laminar airflow, which minimizes turbulence and power compression. The subwoofer is powered by a Class-D, switching power amplifier module rated at 1200W. It also includes onboard DSP for functions such as filtering, equalization, and protection.

Key features of the Vertus CLA 118SA include:
460mm (18-inch) woofer from B&C.
1200W Class-D amplifier module.
Bass reflex port with laminar airflow.
Onboard DSP for signal processing.
M20 points for optional hardware for mounting the CLA 406.2A column on top.
The CLA 118SA is designed to extend the performance of the CLA 406.2A, especially in live applications, by providing powerful and deep bass support. It can also be stacked to increase sound pressure levels and raise the base of the CLA 406.2A column.

Overall, the VT4000 is a comprehensive sound reinforcement system that combines the CLA 406.2A columns and CLA 118SA subs to provide high-quality audio for various applications, with options for both portability and fixed installation.

Power: 4200W