WiFi Transmitter/Receiver for LED Tape

Code: TAPE4L
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  • WiFi Receiver
  • 2.4Ghz Transmitter
  • Compatible with up to 12 Tapedriver-WiFi 4 Receivers
  • 2 Operating Modes
  • Controllable via Smartphone and Remote Control
  • App Available on App Store or Google Play
£192.00 inc VAT

This WiFi Transmitter can be used in power mode or wirelessly when connected to TAPEDRIVER-WIFI4 and using a router to connect several transmitters. The transmitter can be controlled by a dedicated smartphone app available on Google Play or the App Store. The app will allow you to control up to 12 zones of any type of pure or colour tape. Create 3 groups of zones with the same type of tape, but also save and modify up to 4 scenes endlessly.

Power Supply: 12-24Vdc
Max Load: 4A x 4 Outputs, 16A Max
Dimensions: 128 x 73 x 45mm
Weight: 382g