Install Grade Warm White Flexible LED Strip 12V

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  • Slim Fitting LED Strip
  • Suitable for Tight Bends
  • Warm White Light
  • Very Efficient High Output
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Use this lighting for concealed or decorative illumination of flat surfaces or for fitting into narrow gaps where the light needs to point vertically up or down. The strip will easily form around tight bends and can be fitted to complex shapes. The strip is supplied on a 5m roll and can be shortened in 10cm steps, (every 3 sections) The SMD LED's are high light output types giving astonishing light output for such a small device. The power consumption is only 7.5w per metre and this energy saving lighting product is some 20 times more efficient than conventional lighting, so cheap to run and environmentally friendly. The strip is 12vDC and has a sticky back so can be stuck to almost any surface.

Type: Warm White
LED Element: SMD335
Voltage: 12Vdc
Power: 7.5W per metre
Dispersion: 120°
Life: 30000 Hrs
IP Rating: IP20
Dimensions: 5000mm x 7mm x 2mm