Flex LED Smart Tape RGB 5m

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  • WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • IP20 Rated if Left Uncut
  • 30 LED per Metre
  • Pixel Effect
  • 3m Adhesive Tape
  • Suitable for Indoor Use
  • Installation Kit Provided
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The SMARTTAPE LED strip uses WS2182B high rendering LEDs. Their SMD5050 format allows the integrated driver circuit to be directly imbedded within the component. These LEDs are very discreet with the tape being only 10mm wide. Installation is easy, as only 3 cables are required to be ready to go. Combine the strip with a power supply unit and a smart driver to unlock 300 patterns and be able to adjust the speed or brightness.

LED Element: WS2812B
Voltage: 5Vdc
Power: 7.2W/m
IP Rating: IP20
Length: 5m
Dimensions: 10 x 4mm