LED Fan Effects Light with 486 RGB LEDs 50 x 50cm

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  • RGB LED Fan Effect
  • 6 Fans Consisting of 486 RGB LEDs in Total
  • 2 Groups of 3 LED Blades can be Controlled Individually
  • Variable Fan Speed
  • Standalone,Master/Slave & DMX Modes
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The high-power 50 x 50cm LED-effect fan offers a unique and versatile lighting solution, particularly suitable for entertainment and event settings. The fan is equipped with 6 fan blades, each containing a total of 486 RGB LEDs. This results in a visually stunning and vibrant light display. The fan blades are grouped into 2 sets of 3, allowing for individual control. This flexibility enables creative lighting effects and patterns.

The fan offers a wide range of fan rotation speeds, ranging from very slow to very fast in both directions. This variability can add dynamic motion and visual effects to your lighting setup.

The fan is prepared for wireless DMX control with the optional BT-MDMX dongle, offering convenience and flexibility in controlling the lighting effects.

The fan supports different working modes, including standalone modes with automatic or beat-synchronized activation. Additionally, it can be used in master/slave mode, allowing multiple units to be synchronized for impressive light shows. DMX control is also available, offering precise control over the lighting effects. All of the available modes can be set using the 4-digit LED display.

Optional floor stands and omega suspension brackets are available, making it easy to install and position the fan in various settings.

This LED-effect fan is suitable for a wide range of applications, including clubs, DJ performances, and rental companies. Its versatility makes it adaptable to different event and entertainment scenarios.

The fan supports 0-100% dimming, allowing you to adjust the brightness as needed. It also features an ultra-fast strobe function for creating impactful lighting effects.

In summary, this LED-effect fan is a powerful and versatile lighting fixture designed to add excitement and visual appeal to various entertainment and event settings. Its customizable LED blades, variable fan speed, control options, and compatibility with wireless DMX make it a valuable tool for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Power Supply: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 100W
LED: 486 x RGB
DMX Channels: 4, 8 or 11
Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 85mm
Weight: 9.4Kg