LED Battern Pack 5 Watt RGBA

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  • 5 X 5W Quad-Colour LEDs (RGBA)
  • Beam Angle: 40°
  • DMX Channels: 2/3/4 or 7 Selectable
  • Static Colour, Colour Change, Colour Fade, Auto Run, Sound Active and Master/Slave Modes
  • 0-100% Dimming and Variable Strobe
  • Bracket Allows For Multiple Riggingor Floor Standing Applications
  • 4 Push Button Menu With LED Display
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Features 2 compact slim battens, an IR remote and a DMX cable, all housed in a padded road bag. Ideal for uplighting and wall washing. The battens feature smooth colour mixing, a 40° beam angle, built-in colour macros, several operational modes, and offer a variety of internal programs. The supplied IR remote allows users to change the colours and functions.

Power consumption: 60W
Power supply: 100~240V 50/60Hz
LED: 5 x 5W quad-colour LEDs (RGBA)
Beam angle: 40°
Fuse: F2.5A 250V
Batten dimensions: 140 x 582 x 98mm
Batten weight: 1.7kg
Pack dimensions: 160 x 590 x 240mm
Pack weight: 4.8kg