BriteQ BT-Laser1500 RGB

Code: LASER1500
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  • 1.5w Output
  • RGB Colours & Mixed Colours
  • Built-In SD Card
  • ILDA Controllable
  • 20kHz Scanners
  • Extra Safety Features
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A powerful 1.5Watt laser. The BriteQ Laser1500 is fitted with 500mW red, 200mW green and 800mW blue lasers. The beams can be mixed to make yellow, pink, cyan, and white giving the user a wide range of colour effects. The laser is supplied with a SD card that can store user generated patterns, effects and logos. Up to 100 folders each with 250 files can be stored and recalled back. There are several ways to control this laser: Sound-to-light; with in-built shows and 86 internal patterns, which move and change to the bass beat, Auto mode; Where no sound is required and the internal pattern sequences take over. Master slave; Where several lasers can synchronise to make one light show. DMX; Use DMX for more control in either 1 or 13 channel mode. ILDA; Use ILDA software for total control where the operator can then create their own logos, shapes and patterns.
A powerful laser for clubs and large touring rigs. Great care should be taken when using a laser of this power. BriteQ have increased laser safety features: The usual key lock has been fitted plus an external safety switch which now mechanically closes a shutter to block all output and if the scanners fails. The output is then shutdown.

Mains Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Laser Power: 200mW Green, 500mW Red, 800mW Blue
Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 160mm
Weight: 7.86Kg