Solar LED Garden Spike Lights with Orange Up and Down Light - Pack of 2

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  • Solar Up and Down Spike Light
  • Easy to Connect
  • Perfect for use in Remote Areas
  • Outdoor Use
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Decorate your outdoor living space even in remote areas by placing these stylish lights in a sunny spot, they will enhance the look and feel of any garden. This solar light is made from durable plastic and can be used to provide ambient light sufficient to illuminate paths, borders and driveways etc. Light is emitted from both the top and bottom of the light, use it to highlight your favourite plants and flowers. The light has an integral solar panel. This attractive IP33 rated energy saving LED solar up and downlight uses the integral solar panel to recharge the AA battery throughout daylight hours using free energy from the sun, once charged it will provide up to 6 hours of light. When dusk falls, the light will automatically turn on and turns off again at dawn. Getting power to an outside area can be costly and often difficult, this outdoor solar light has been specifically designed to avoid these problems, not only that but the light is also extremely easy to install just use the supplied spike and push into the ground!. This light is part of Luxforms All Year Round range, meaning it is equipped with a self-thinking system, stored energy is distributed evenly over the number of burning hours. The light detects and calculates the battery capacity and always distributes this energy capacity evenly over 6 hours. This means that when the battery has less charge the light will shine less brightly. The big advantage with lights in this series is that you are guaranteed 6 hours of light every night, 365 days a year!

Batteries: 1 x AA (Supplied)
Dimensions: 400 x 110 x 110mm
Weight: 270g (Per Light)