Four Microphone and 3 Line Level Mixer

Code: MIAD4-3LM
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  • 4 Balanced Microphone Inputs
  • +20V Phantom Power On Priority Mic Input
  • 3 Stereo Aux Line Inputs
  • Can Tap From An Existing 100V PA System
  • 24V DC Power Option
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Rack-mountable 1U mixer with 4 mic inputs and 3 auxiliary inputs. Mic channel 1 has 20V phantom power and adjustable voice-over muting of auxiliary channels. An additional priority input can be connected to a line level input or an external 100V line PA system for emergency paging. Output connections are stereo jack with master bass and treble tone controls. Designed as a master or extension mixer for installed sound systems.

Power supply:100-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC) or 24Vdc (terminals)
Fuse:T1AL 250V (mains) or F500mA (24Vdc)
Phantom power:+20Vdc (mic1 XLR input only)
Inputs : mic:
4 x balanced 6.3mm jack (+XLR for mic1)
Inputs : aux:3 x L+R RCA
Inputs : priority:Line level (6.3mm jack), 100V (terminals)
Outputs:Left + Right 6.3mm jack (unbalanced)
Controls:4 x Mic level, 3 x Aux level, Treble, Bass, L+R output
Rear panel controls:Aux muting level, priority input level
Input impedance:2.2k Ohms (mic/line), 10k Ohms (aux)
Frequency response : mic:130Hz - 21kHz
Frequency response : line:120Hz - 26kHz
Frequency response : aux:50Hz - 35kHz
Input sensitivity : mic:-50dBV
Input sensitivity : line:-19dBV
Input sensitivity : aux:-12dBV
Signal to noise ratio : mic:54dB
Signal to noise ratio : aux/line:58dB
Dimensions:482 x 130 x 44mm