2 Zone Installation Audio Mixer with 10 Input Channels

Code: ZONE642
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  • 10 Channel and 2 Zone Pre-Amplifier
  • Compact, Multi-Source Pre-Amplifier
  • 2 Completely Independent Zones
  • 6 Mic Inputs and 4 Line Inputs
£351.00 inc VAT

A two zone mixer suitable for installations in bars, pubs, restaurants, schools, retail outlets and much more.

The mixer offers 10 input channels and 2 zone outputs. Users can choose what input source is sent to each of the zone outputs. Inputs 1-6 have jack inputs for balanced line levels and XLR inputs for the microphones. Inputs 1-2 have phantom power and a priority switch. Inputs 7-10 have stereo line inputs via RCA and mono balanced line inputs via 1/4" jacks. The 2 outputs are connected using balanced XLR connections. There are inserts on each output for connection of an effects processor, limiter or compressor. Each output also has an auxiliary output with independent volume control. There is a 24v DC back up battery power input, which will power the mixer when mains power is lost.

From the front panel, control is simple with tone controls that can be pre-set and then left alone. Each zone output has a volume control, the inputs have volume control and 4 switches allowing that input to be sent to any or all of 2 zone outputs.

This is a well designed mixer to suit most audio installations.

Unit Size: 2U
Dimensions: 482 x 85 x 290mm
Weight: 3.5Kg